Asthma from the Future and the Return of DRE

20 11 2010

The past few days have been pretty wonky. I’m still fighting off the illness that refuses to die (although it seems to be reaching its tail end at this point), which hasn’t helped me in getting over my now week long battle with jetlag. Life is funny when you sleep in…four hour increments for a week. It’s helped to rediscover what it feels like to be a hermit, developing strange daily habits that can really only come about by living by yourself for a period of time. Like ordering McDonald’s delivery at 6 in the morning and you’re starving and there’s nothing in the house to eat and its too cold to take your sickly corpse outside to forage for food. Strangeeee indeed.

On a side note, my australian counterpart, Nick Bartz, kindly pointed out that the new Dre album is dropping soon. And while he’ll claim that he “called it”, there’s really no doubt this album’s going to be huge. I Need a Doctor has leaked, and its really good. “Get up Dre, I’m dying, I need you for fuck’s sake.” It’s a sentiment we’ve all shared slim.

We’ve also had a tiny little preview of what the post-apocalyptic world will be like here in Beijing, with air quality and pollution indexes jumping out the roof. We’re talking a thick layer of smog that you can smell, taste, and visibly see surround you. It was so bad that it permeated the subway, making it a veritable underground asthma chamber. Beijing’s tallest building is the Fortune Plaza, sitting at a modest 63 stories. Usually, from our corner of the street, you’d be able to see it looming in the distance no problem . But during smog-pocalypse, it was nowhere to be seen…

And how does one go about dealing with this pollution? The simplest option is to just not go outside. Granted, we don’t have a nice sharper image ionic breeze air purifying system here, but at least the windows are closed. Eventually, however, basic necessities force you out. Like food. Or bodily movement. Or just social interaction. So you resort to looking like this to prevent from sucking too down much particulate matters.

No, I am not sent from the future to assassinate Emperor Morimoto. I just wanna breathe.

Thanksgiving is slowly approaching, and celebrating my favorite holiday in China might prove challenging. For one, there aren’t ovens here, so recreating some of the staple favorites will take a level of creativity. That and Chinese people don’t really dig turkey, as they find it bland, tough, and flavorless. But I’ve already talked to my butcher downstairs, and he says he can get me a good live one the day before so all is well in that department. Regardless, tradition and holiday spirit shall prevail in one tasty, fell swoop. Tune in next time for the festivities.