Phillip Yang and the Interrogation Room of Despair

12 07 2011

I want more than anything to write about the awesome things that have been happening over the past three weeks. We had a rave on a decommissioned Soviet aircraft carrier. I had a beautiful visit from the Menchaca family from Shanghai. And I recently spent an amazing 72 hours in Tokyo. But that’s all going to have to wait and take a back seat now, because we’ve got more pressing issues. I’m interspersing the storytelling with unrelated, happy pictures, so as to alleviate the ridiculousness of the situation being presented.

So let’s not go into too many details or too much finger pointing, and just call it like it is. A few weeks back, I found out that I had overstayed my Chinese visa by a whole 12 days (again, no finger pointing, but I promise it wasn’t my fault). After being reprimanded many many times, and having to deal with weeks of interrogations and trips to the visa bureau, I was finally allowed to leave for my scheduled trip. When I say interrogations, I’m talking basic background screenings, windowless rooms, and plenty of “without law, China is nothing” rhetoric. My excursion to Japan was beautiful, fantastic, weird, and a much needed vacation. I promise that an extensive account of the trip will follow extremely soon.

But upon my return to China, I realized that my visa nightmare was just taking a little vacation, and came back to kick me really hard in the ass. Essentially, without informing me or properly giving me the appropriate notices (again, not pointing fingers…), the visa bureau decided to void my running visa while I was in Japan. Meaning…I essentially arrived in China without a functioning visa. And of course the Middle Kingdom’s response?

Get out. Now.

Yeah, I got deported. Straight up, shameless, get the hell out within the next 12 hrs. They wanted to send me back to Japan, but I somehow got them to let up a little and send me to Hong Kong instead (cheaper ticket, cheaper standard of living, faster visa response). So having left Tokyo at 7 in the morning, I arrived in the muggy, humid Hong Kong evening more than 14 hrs. later. It’s good to have friends across the world, and luckily Saint SpencerSherwin was able to house this poor soul and be kind enough to even show him around. This will get sorted out, and China will have the laugh for now. But without sounding like a vengeful hooligan or an amateur terrorist, mark my words. These slights against me will not be forgotten, and they certainly won’t be forgiven. I am alive and well, however. Don’t be too angry mom, love you.




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14 07 2011

Phil! my love!

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