Almost Officially One Year Removed

25 05 2011

Well not since the start of this blog, no. But yeah, I guess I’ve been out of school for a year now. Won’t dwell on it for long, as in its not that kind of blog. But seriously, a year?

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for their good humor and support for my faux budding CCTV talk show host career. That video got ridiculous amount of hits via this site, and random people from the neighborhood (who usually are distrustful of me and my white roommate) have come up and commented on my tv notoriety. Even my own mother, who usually packs in a veiled jab or two, had nice things to say (as well as a jab or two).

“After viewing your appearance on CCTV, I really think you might have a future in talk show business, that is if you could BS through a topic like this on national television…you sat a little too straight and you drank too much water, otherwise, you looked good!”

Thanks mom. Anyway, I’ve been asked to tape a few more shows in the next two weeks, with topics that I hope are a lot more savory and a lot less secretion-y.

So things here in Beijing are running extremely smoothly. You can really feel summer coming into swing, which means a lot of outdoor eating and dress shirt sweat through’s. Luckily, unlike Shanghai, the city is bone dry and lacks the suffocating humidity that resembles a bus seat that’s been sat on for too long. Unfortunately, I’ve been running this little experiment of mine to grow my hair out for a whole six months. I figure I’m not getting any younger, and it’s best to give it a go before things have to get “professional”. This, however, has been a labor of love, as I have picked the absolute worst time to round up my last two months. My head feels a whole 5 pounds heavier, I kid you not.

We had a wave of visiting friends come through in the past few weeks, let’s check out some adventures!

Shanghai inhaling soup dumplings

Hangzhou, conquering some tea fields

We’ve got a big few months coming up. Fatboy Slim is rolling into town and doing a huge show at the Great Wall soon. I’m going to Cambodia for a visa run within the month. Oh, and comrade Ben is stateside right now, prepping himself for a transatlantic sailing journey. Wish him the best of luck and the safest of trips.

Until next time.




3 responses

25 05 2011

how could I not know that you were planning to grow your hair?

7 06 2011
Sheena Zhang

while you decided to grow your hair before you have to get professional, i decided to buzz mine all off!

keep up the blog, it’s good to see you’re a national television star now!

15 06 2011

miss that guy already

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