Mouths on Fire, I Reach Out to You Tonight

8 04 2011

I’m afraid I’ve been holding this blog to really high standards. I guess I’m afraid to bore you all with the bump and grind of everyday life, hesitant to reveal the degree of normalcy things have taken here. It’s been a solid 7 months since I first moved out here, and to date, has been one of the more eventful half years of my life. But things are settling, and the idea of staying here for a significant amount has started to feel right.

That’s not to say that this month hasn’t been full of (mis)adventures along the way. Since coming back from Malaysia, we’ve had snakes, tons of broken glass, altercations with rappers, and I fell down a mountain.

The venerable Lee West came to visit, and stayed a week longer than originally planned because of the firestorm in northern Japan.Below is a video of eating me et al. eating the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Chicken wings so spicy that my entire body began to convulse. Below that you can see Ben and Christian partake.

Anyway, spring is arriving, and I’m fully looking forward to enjoying the season in full swing. I think we’ve avoided the month where giant swirling dust storms envelop the city in a giant yellow plume. Which means its just bright blue skies, evening beer gardens, and generally temperate weather. Dear friend Elena will be visiting all the way from Switzerland, and comrade Aaron shortly thereafter. Hope all is well in your respective parts of the world, and I promise more regular updates as they come. Until then.




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