There’s No Rest for the Wicked

18 10 2010

Man, I’ve been negligent. I promise it’s not entirely my fault, work has had me running around China for the last two weeks. It’d be overwhelming to try to go through everything that’s happened, so we’ll try to condense it as much as possible.

I usually don’t talk about work on here, as I like to keep things fun and fairly lighthearted on phillipinbeijing. The fact of the matter is, working on environmental advocacy in China, while engaging and extremely rewarding,is  kind of depressing. You have to read things like “A Quarter of China’s Water is Unusable for Even Agricultural Purposes” day in and day out, and it just kinda wears on you after a while. Two weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Tianjin, China. The whole thing was really supposed to be a precursor to the big upcoming meeting in Cancun in a few months, and so no one was really expecting any big steps to be taken in addressing climate change. You could easily argue, however, that talks actually regressed over the week, enough to the point where people are getting pessimistic about Cancun and are already looking forward to the South Africa 2011 conference. To boil it down, there are a million issues on the table and no one can agree on a single one. There are alliances made (developing vs. developed nations), but even then, there are factions drawn within the alliances (poor developing nations vs. less poor developing nations). It also doesn’t help that China called America a Preening Pig. OOH BURN!

With that having been said, China is making huge domestic strides, where as America has seriously stalled, to its own detriment. I spent the next two weeks visiting new industrial parks in Shanghai and Suzhou, where the government has shut down energy inefficient manufacturing complexes and poured money into turning them into newly designed sustainable mixed used communities. How many of these does China have so far? 12. America? 0. Remember the energy bill that was killed in the Senate a few months back? From the time that the bill was dropped to now, America has lost out on over $11 billion in clean energy investments and 1.9 million potential jobs. So maybe you are a preening pig America, maybe you are.

ANYWAY, onto more fun things. I got the chance to spend a week in Shanghai in between work visits, spending time with family and seeing old friends. In the time there, I quickly visited the Expo (the American pavilion was terrrrrible), made the mistake of doing all you can eat/drink Japanese again, visited an island in the middle of Shanghai, and WENT TO A CHINESE WEDDING! An old family friend that I’ve known since I was four decided he wanted to go and take the plunge, and my god was it hilarious. It was cute, romantic, and a little cheesy Chinese. There was a lot of singing, ungodly amounts of food, drinking drinking drinking, and a bubble machine. As a guest of the family, Lucy Brady somehow managed to catch the Chinese equivalent of the bouquet, with 11 bridesmaids fuming with the best bitchyface impression they could pull.


But now I’m finally back in Beijing. It’s real cold like here now, and as there is a lack of central heating here in China, the only warm place I know is the nest that is my bed. Again, a thousand apologies for the long job-related tirade. More frequent updates to come, I promise. Until then.




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26 10 2010

oh my god HOW DID HE GET MARRIED ALREADY. WTF IS HAPPENING!!! p.s. you got some.. srs classical composer hair going on phil hahahah.


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