Pt. 1: Korea Hates Cowards

26 09 2010

So yours truly has recently returned from an 3 day, 4 night excursion to Korea. I’ll avoid making a Seoul pun, but its not a city for the weak-hearted. There’s a reason koreans have mad bouts of stomach cancer, and the entire city drinks like I drink ranch dressing. But regardless, with the company of local Seoul resident Michael Horrell and globetrotting phenom Rick Menchaca, we braved what might have been the most ridiculous series of adventures not made into a Hollywood movie.

First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, I am not Korean. And as such, speak/read no korean. Horrell, god bless his soul, speaks no Korean. And Menchaca speaks as much Korean as girls in Korea DONT get plastic surgery (zing). The entire trip can essentially be boiled down to the three of us pointing at circles with lines and hoping that it wasn’t a live octopus we just ordered. And so to avoid spelling out just how much we ate and how much sojou we drank, I’ll just try to cover some of a good chunk of the highlights in this post:

Seoul has a handful of cultural must see’s, most notably Gyeongbok Palace. Unlike the Forbidden City/anything here in China, the experience wasn’t hindered by millions of people jostling to take pictures next to that important tree that some emperor from the ______ Dynasty may or may not have planted.

Bukchon Village is a sleepy little community with remnants of old Korean architecture in downtown Seoul. Some buildings still house residents, but for the most part, most have been turned into art galleries and boutique bed and breakfasts. The hilly landscape and great views made for a more than enjoyable afternoon walk.

And before you start thinking, “Wow Phillip, you had a real cultural immersive experience”, hold onto your pant suit. Because after months of drool inducing dreams and hunger pangs, we found the ONLY Taco Bell in all of Asia, and gorged ourselves. Granted, they failed to include my chalupas on the menu, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Stay tuned for Pt. 2: Please Don’t Add Anymore Bulgogi to that.




5 responses

26 09 2010
Christina Li

“And Menchaca speaks as much Korean as girls in Korea DONT get plastic surgery (zing).”

Puahahaa love it

27 09 2010

i cannot BELIEVE you found and ATE AT a taco bell in korea.

28 09 2010

Dude, Taco Bell. Color me jealous. I ate Taco Bell every Monday last year at work (creatively titled “Taco Bell Monday”): a cheesy gordita crunch and a 1/2 lb. cheesy potato burrito for $4.62. Take me back.

12 10 2010

taco bell, you would

20 10 2010

Rick and Phil in Asia together again

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