19 09 2010

Sometimes, all the right stars align just perfectly to create the most unbelievable, ridiculous series of events to play out over a 12 hour time period. This is one of those moments.

First and foremost, friend to all Michael Horrell arrived in Beijing yesterday from Seoul to spend a hard earned four day vacation here. As a mutual friend to both Ben and I, Horrell’s trip here was more than welcome and promises to be an insane time before I fly back with him to go visit Seoul and his home turf. Here is a picture of us and Mao.

It just so happens that last night was the marquee event of The Creator’s Project, a huge collaborative between Intel and hipster magazine Vice to bring together art and technology and blehhh. There were a slew of really cool galleries (which we didnt actually attend due to a unbelievably amazing mushroom dinner…), but in the evening, Diplo and Major Lazer were  billed to play a huge set. If you’re not familiar with Major Lazer, please treat yourself to this. And so we arrive and manage to finagle tickets through my gig with Cityweekend magazine. I think we arrived a little late to crash the “red carpet” event, but it never hurts to pretend.

Needless to say, Major Lazer was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything remotely like it. The most pure unadulterated dance inducing two hours of my life. The highlight of the show was the dagger-ing, a type of…dance that the group is notorious for. Hype/front man Skerrit Bwoy brings out a ladder, climbs to the top of said ladder, and in one seamless motion continues said dance as he hits the ground.

If you ever get the opportunity to catch them in action, sell your firstborn down the river to do so. No joke.




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19 09 2010
laurie Reiss

they block your Major Lazer link here ;(

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