Finally Settled.

14 09 2010

Wow, a week without a single post. Contrary to what some have suggested…yes, I am still alive and my organs have not been harvested (knock on wood). It’s been a really hectic time here in Beijing, mostly because…


Yeah, finding an apartment is difficult in any metropolitan city, but here in China, there are certain elements that make the process that much more miserable.

1.)I guess first and foremost, we decided that we wanted a pretty legitimate China experience, so finding an apartment in the center of the Central Business District (where future roommate Ben Roth and I work) would certainly prove to be difficult. It’d be easy to shack up in a sterile, expat driven apartment complex, but there’s something to be said about playing cards with your shirtless fat neighbors outside at 1 in the morning that you can’t get in that environment.

2.) With that having been said, there’s no need to sacrifice some of the most basic of creature comforts. I hadn’t had a hot shower for an entire month until last night. The idea of living in a hutong was appealing at first, but then you realize that you’d have to cross the courtyard to use the communal bathroom at night, which during the winter, gets to be somewhere around 10 degrees.

3.) There is no rhyme or reason, or anything closely resembling better business practices, when it comes to real estate here. You want to charge me money just to show me a place? You want me to pay…a year’s rent upfront on the spot? Wait, you’re not giving me the apartment because we’re…from America? The ACLU would have a fucking riot with some of the stuff we’ve had to deal with.

But anyway, Ben and I finally found the apartment that I will be calling home now for a very very long time. Recently refurbished with brand new appliances. Arguably in the top 20 cleanest apartments I’ve seen here in China. It’s not but a 10 minute walk from work, and there are at least a dozen restaurants downstairs that feature all sorts of cuisines from all over China, and I gather that most of them stay open until a solid 3 in the morning. I’ll add pictures to the next post, as I’ve yet to officially move in all of my stuff yet.

But this is phillipinbeijing, so of course there’s going to be at least ONE picture. Behold, the world’s largest high definition television.

The next two weeks are going to be absolutely wild. Comrade Michael Horrell will be coming from Seoul to spend a few days here in Beijing, and then we’ll both be returning to Seoul where I’ll be for about five days. Afterwards, we hit Chinese National Holiday, where we’ll be taking a 3 days excursion to ________ in China (tba), then up to Tianjin for a United Nations climate conference, and then down to Shanghai to see family/good friend’s wedding. I give myself a 30% chance of survival. Until next time.





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