30 08 2010

There are certain things in life that are just inherently awesome. The Great Wall is amazing. Music festivals are fantastic. And everyone loves friends. Combine the three, and you’ve got a recipe for disastrous fun. On Friday afternoon, accompanied by Ben, Jill, and Lucy, I set out for the three day Tanglewood Music Festival here in Beijing in “the shadow of the Great Wall”. Unlike the Tanglewood in Massachusetts, this has no associations with classical music or jazz, but instead is called so because it shares a same latitude with its more famous counterpart across the sea.

The place is breathtaking. About an hour and half outside of Beijing, the concert took place in a grassy valley surrounded by rolling green mountains and jagged rock formations. There’s that scene in the first season of Lost ( I know you watched it) where Sayid is trying to trying to find a radio signal, and walks out of the forest only to find these giant mountains in front of him. That’s what it was like.

We had a beautiful little tent area, and managed to jam four people into a three person tent fairly comfortably. And while not pictured, Lucy gets 90% of the credit for putting the tent up.

This happened to be my first concert going experience in China, and its hard to say what I was planning to expect. Most of the acts performing were Chinese bands, with a side electronica stage that played until 7 in the morning every day. There were nu-metal bands, rap metal bands, a bunch of forgettable bands, and a slew of DJ’s who were really into anime. The Pet Conspiracy were a huge highlight, and are trying to single handedly revive the RiotGrrrl movement here in Beijing.

It was all just extremely nice to get away from the cityscape. We made a few local friends, which are always good to have in the sea of expats here. I can’t stress how nice it was to have green grass and blue skies above. I was in such good spirits that Lucy almost convinced me to buy a bunny.

IT WAS SO FLUFFY! Maybe later Bunnicula, when I finally get my act together in the apartment searching department. Thanks again for the pictures Lucyyyyyyy. Until next time.





7 responses

30 08 2010

You should have bought the bunny.

30 08 2010

Shoulda bought the bunny… X

30 08 2010

Have you heard this new Arcade Fire album? It’s so good.

It’s like Win Butler and the Montreal So-and-So’s

30 08 2010
Confused Laowai

Managed to link hop to your blog via http://morganlmallory.wordpress.com.
Really like it so far (read all posts!). Excellent posts and photos. I love reading blogs about expats jamming it out in Beijing. Good luck with all your missions.

(Also, yes, the new Arcade Fire is legend).

31 08 2010

amazing. love it all.

p.s. i’m blog stalking you.


3 09 2010

Been enjoying your blog, Phil, though I’ve been busy with rural Chinese life and wrestling 7th graders into submission lately. Gareth and I are in the same school so it’s good to have a friendly face around (and one other foreigner in Dazhai).

Random — Lucy and I went to high school together. Tell her hi for me. Hope you’re enjoying your unlimited access to Western food, easy transportation, and endless fun weekends activities. Hopefully there’s a trip to Beijing in the coming months and we can meet up.

3 09 2010

don’t get bunny! it will die!

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