Oh Hi Hou Hai

25 08 2010

I’m going to break one of my own rules, and start conversation with a quick shout out to how nice the weather has been here in Beijing. It’s been beautiful. A solid mid 80’s, bright blue skies, a nice breeze coming in from Mongolia. The city becomes a completely different place when these elements align, and you feel a real vibrancy coming from even the littlest of things.

With that having been said, the latest adventure had us traversing around Hou Hai, a series of three small lakes in Beijing surrounded by charming hutongs and curvey back alleys. Accompanied by Tiffany and Lucy, we ended up renting bikes to navigate the area, spending all day riding around the lakes and through the centuries old neighborhood.

As we rode, we stopped off at a handful of little food stalls, slowly snacking on a variety of little Chinese treats. This is stinky tofu, fermented to the point where you can smell it from yards and yards away. If you get a good batch, its fuzzy and flash fried.
It was just one of those days that is perfect in every way possible. It’s a nice area that’s done a good job creating a tourist experience while maintaining some semblance of a traditional Chinese community. In the winter, the lakes freeze over, and everyone comes out for some great ice skating. You forget that places like this exist in Beijing, and its nice to be reminded every once in a while.
(thanks for the pictures lucy)
Until next time.



One response

26 08 2010

Great blog and great pictures. Can’t wait to hear from your amazing adventures in Beijing! Don’t get sick from eating too much fried Chinese food (like me). Take care & God Bless~

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