Phillip Yang and the Parade of Little’s

22 08 2010

Apologies for the irregular updating, it’s been a hectic past week. I’ve been trying to juggle so many things at once…and its hard to keep grounded with things spinning so quickly. Work has been great, but hectic at times. New friends mean new things to try, new places to go. Apartment hunting has taken on a frantic tone, as current living dynamics between my 80 year old suitemate and I have begun to deteriorate. I can’t believe August is coming to an end, but its starting to feel like fall already.

But for more cheery things. Little Lucy Brady and I spent an afternoon in the 798 Contemporary Art district here in Beijing. I thought it was going to be a street lined with little galleries, or maybe an old refurbished factory that has a bunch of tiny art installations. Imagine instead, a giant network of galleries that span blocks, sprinkled with giant sculptures just chilling out here and there.

Of course, wax covered trees.

And…giant wall of moving butterflies.

As awesome as some of the exhibits were, you got a feel that most of the place was fairly commercialized and geared towards a touristy sort of crowd (50 rmb onion rings…) We were successful in finding more authentic representations of contemporary Chinese art, especially¬†here, where a close friend of our’s works.

Stay tuned for future adventures. Until next time.





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