My Fingernails are Spicy

12 08 2010

We’re reaching another exciting weekend here in Beijing, and things are starting to look up for Phillip (in Beijing). Routine is the comfort of life, and there’s a degree of normalcy that’s starting to exist. Between work (which is great), eating (which is consistently awesome), and downtime (how fucked up has true blood been lately?), I’ve had a bevy of friends passing through town from time to time. Showing them around has been a great opportunity for me to learn the city, and seeing familiar faces is always welcome.

After spending the past few days cavorting around Beijing, my friends Karlin and Mari-e spent their final night in Beijing with me before they shipped off to vacation in Shanghai. I took them to Wangfujing (street food night market), but this time, came away with some pictures to show you what we’re dealing with exactly.

Afterwards, we went to go and get some proper food on Gui Jie, or GHOST STREET. The whole street is covered in hanging red lanterns, so its kinda creepy I guess. What’s scarier are the throngs of 400 pound chinese gangsters with mohawks and call girl arm candy that frequented the street….but anyway, we ended up going to a place that serves up spicy crawfish. That’s right, crawfish in China.

You have to put these little surgeon gloves on to make sure the spicy doesnt rub all over your hands and stuff (fail), and there’s not enough meat to warrant the effort…but it’s a food that goes well with friends and beer. After some hugs and goodbyes, it was back to the apartment to tackle the next big hurdle in the China experience.

Laundry. Luckily the apartment has a washer, but dryers in China are far and few between. I was warned that the side of the building my window is on is often frequented by black birds who like to shit on everything, so hanging my clothes out the window seemed to be…not worth the possible repercussions. So this is what I came up with.

Yes mother, I sent my dress clothes to a cleaner. No mother, I don’t care if my clothes dry funny and wrinkle in strange places. Until next time.





One response

12 08 2010
Li Li

far more important, do they smell funny??!!!

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