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6 08 2010

So I’ve officially been here for a week. And its been a hard week, full of little victories and continuing defeats.


– After a few slow days at work, I finally got some actual, tangible work. The people in the office are extremely nice, and its been great walking around the area and sampling some of the eateries around here. *UPDATE!* here

– I’ve managed to somewhat figure out the subway system, to the point where I don’t stand there staring at the map trying to figure out which direction to go for a good 15 minutes.

– McDonald’s is half price off after 10 PM and is open 24 hrs.


– Being alone really sucks. I guess it inherently sucks, but it sucks even more here in China. I’m not even talking about the fact that you’re constantly surrounded by people you don’t know, or the how strange it feels not to be able to talk to someone in English. But like, for instance, meals here in China. After a while, you get tired of eating noodles and dumplings, and you want to order actual dishes. But there’s NO WAY you can finish more than one by yourself, and eating just one defeats the whole purpose of Chinese food. It’d be like having just french fries for dinner.

– The internet is a constant battle that tests both my patience and my steady hand not to destroy everything around me. Whether or at work or at home, the internet, while existent, is ungodly slow. Forget watching movies online, if I can check my email with reasonable timing, then that’s a good day.

– Like, seriously China, the staring has to stop. It’s turned from a novelty to kind of irritating. Yeah, I’ve got strange hair. Ok, my jeans are a little tight. No, I don’t want to lift up my shirt because it’s hot and my belly needs to breathe (no joke). But really, get over it. Using English on a subway car is like being in some weird post apocalyptic dystopia, and you’ve just alerted the hive mind that you’re not one of them by showing emotion. Or something.

Anyway, enough complaining for now. Beijing has been clear and sunny for the last two days, and that should be something worth appreciating. My FOOT leader and his girlfriend are coming to visit China…tomorrow, and so that will be a nice reunion of old friends. Oh, and for pictures, I’ve managed to get my hands on some pictures from the aforementioned pot luck below from Lizzie. I can’t promise you that this will be the last time I will appear shirtless on here, which may or may not be to your benefit, depending.

Also, if you need some new frequencies to listen to , I’d highly suggest the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs. It’s been on heavy repeat here for me, and probably my favorite album of the year. First track posted here. Until next time.





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9 08 2010

1. love the blog, i’m thinking about doing a Fulbright in Beijing next year and so this is really helpful in terms of knowing what to expect if i go through with it

2. suburbs is SO GOOD! i saw arcade fire last night at lolla and they were incredible.

3. miss you, keep updating ❤

31 08 2010
laurie Reiss

Hope you don’t mind sharing your wonderful blog with an old lady you don’t really know 🙂

Aaron’s mom
(we met grad weekend)

31 08 2010

OF COURSE NOT! Say hi to cody for me

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